Where to enjoy discounts for that musician in your life

Autumn is here. Currently it is 37 degrees Fahrenheit here in Western New York. It is chilly outside. I know that my boys will play the golf today. I hope they bundled up and stay warm. My boys love to stay outdoor despite the weather.

My daughter and I i to stay inside and stay warm and cozy in-front of the fireplace. We both loves music as well. I know that she wants to own her baritone and would be amazing if I can afford to buy new instrument so she does not need to rent it from school. Do you know that musiciansfriend.com music deals are currently have many sales on their Website? Why not grab the opportunity and think of that holiday gifts for your musician.

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The three generations

I want you to meet the three generations of my family. Please meet my father in-law who will turn 86 years old in a couple of weeks. My husband who is 56 years old. My son who is 13 years old.

 photo The three generations_zpslyjn1fxm.jpg

Though they see many times together but always forget to take photos of them. I loved this photo. It is not natural. My Dad is about to leave and ask them to stay together for a minute so I can take photos of the three together. My son I think will be taller.

My son is blessed that he still can talk to his Grandpa from his Daddy’s side. His other Grandpa (My Dad) went to heaven 11 years ago. Though he met him when he was six months old.

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The best website to learn more about music

I am fortunate that my kids love music especially my Summer Babe. She loves music just like her Mommy. She loves to sing. I am so glad that she also  plays music instrument at her school. Does your kids love music as well? Are you interested to learn which music instrument does she prefers? The best website to check is center music where you can browse and search anything that is about music.

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