Are you interested to learn how to play rock music on your guitar

Last week I watch the Summer Camp concert of my Summer Babe. It was a blast watching all the students performed in a group. There is one group in a higher level who plays the guitar. They even played the rock music. It was the best musical concert I watched so far.

It is too bad that my daughter lost interest in learning how to play the guitar but instead she loved to play the baritone. Is your kids interested to learn how to play the guitar? Does he loves to play rock music? You should check out the rock prodigy for musical instruments and accessories to help him practice easily.

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How to find the best concert tickets with the help of Groupon Coupons

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post. All my opinions are mine. 

Last year, my daughter and I were disappointed when Meghan Trainor’s concert was postponed due to her health issue. We understand but still we were upset. It was one of her 9th birthday gift. My daughter and I both adore Meghan Trainor. We both love and dance to her music. She is one bubbly entertainer. We cannot wait to see her at the concert.

 photo groupon family_zpsjxiaifvz.jpg

We were so happy that my husband told us that Meghan Trainor and other entertainer will have a concert here in our city. I got so excited that I bought a ticket right away. I wish that I learn earlier that Groupon Coupons has an amazing deal like the Ticket Liquidator. My daughter and I can find the best seat at an affordable concert tickets as well.

I am so glad that I find this Website online. Next time maybe my entire family can watch the concert together and will have a blast. My family loves music especially my daughter and I.

 photo concert tickets_zpszqtgunxc.jpg

How about your family? Do you like to watch concerts too? Do you know that through the Website above you can find the best seats by using the coupons?

You can also check their Facebook and Twitter for more ticket concert deals and programs that your family can enjoy this summer.

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Where to buy the best guitar when you lives in New Jersey

Last summer, three of my friends and myself went to New York City to visit an old friend that had a baby girl. We stayed in their house for three days. We are fortunate to stay in their lovely home. All of us had a fantastic time. We visit so many places and experienced things that only in New York City. It was tiring but we had a blast. I want to go back to New York City sometime.

We also got a chance to visit New Jersey. I am so happy that  my feet step in another State. If you are a musician that is looking for the best guitar in the city why not check out this guitar centers in ocean new jersey. I am sure you can find many styles, colors and prices that will fit into your budget.

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