Where to buy the best guitar when you lives in New Jersey

Last summer, three of my friends and myself went to New York City to visit an old friend that had a baby girl. We stayed in their house for three days. We are fortunate to stay in their lovely home. All of us had a fantastic time. We visit so many places and experienced things that only in New York City. It was tiring but we had a blast. I want to go back to New York City sometime.

We also got a chance to visit New Jersey. I am so happy that  my feet step in another State. If you are a musician that is looking for the best guitar in the city why not check out this guitar centers in ocean new jersey. I am sure you can find many styles, colors and prices that will fit into your budget.

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Attending Our Summer Babe’s First School Spring Band Concert

Hubby and I went to watch our Summer Babe had her very first school spring band concert. She is playing the baritone. This was her very first band concert that she attended. It was held at the high school auditorium. The big brother does not want to come. He stayed home and play with our neighbor instead.


 Before attending our Summer Babe's First School Spring Band Concert.

Before attending our Summer Babe’s First School Spring Band Concert.


 Before attending our Summer Babe's First School Spring Band Concert.

Before attending our Summer Babe’s First School Spring Band Concert.


The band concert started at 6:30 that night. The kids should be there at 6:15. We got a chance to take some photos before leaving the house. We are so very proud of our Summer Babe. She said she wants to join the band again next year in other school. I wish you luck our baby girl. I know that you love to play music and so glad that you found a musical instrument that you enjoyed to play.

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Led Landscape Flood Light for Valentines Day

Accompanied with beautiful lanterns and deafening drums, people hustle and bustle across the street, singing and dancing all night. It’s the lantern festival that provides the lovers a good place to date. In ancient times, women are forbidden to go out, except for one or two days before or after the festival. Thus, young lovers look forward to the days’ coming, seizing the opportunity to view the lamps together. Either the sparse lamp place or the scenic spots, the well-dressed women are a kind of beauty. In that time, lantern is a kind of love symbol. However, it’s made by paper and can’t be long preserved.

 photo zhi1_zps5objtyxq.jpg

How can we preserve our love as long as the poetry describe. In modern time, we don’t need to wait the only day. °?Every day is valentines’ day, once you meet the one. Every minutes is festival, once you choose the right light Led Landscape Flood Light  is the very one. All of your needs are available, because of the variety of color. Blue water-proof Led Landscape Flood Light lights landscape, featuring water-proof and range far. Green led landscape flood light used the most widely, lighting in the leisure time of the city, road, stairs, deck, waterfront area , as well as flowers and low shrubs, are all available. It paints the lily for the night, especially the glue model. In addition, when used in architecture, the Led Landscape Flood Light will illuminate a particular place making it looks luxury. Last but not least, the lamp body is made by Seiko aluminum, and after anodic oxidation and surface hardening treatment, it coats a layer of baking paint.

At the first sight of seeing Led Landscape Flood Light, you come across your Mr. or Miss right. And to preserve it forever, buy it and take it home.

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