Santa Claus came on Christmas morning

Though my kids do not believe in Santa anymore at their ages 13 and 10, yet Santa Claus still came on Christmas Eve. I am not sure if they were worth to receive the gifts because they were misbehaving. Anyways, I am so glad that Santa Claus came. This is the peaceful night before the kids open their gifts from Santa that morning.

 photo Santa Claus came_zpsujrghkxs.jpg
How about you? Do your kids or grand-kids still believe in Santa Claus?

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How to take care of your music instrument

Our Summer Babe joined the school band for two years in a row now. I am so glad that she found what she liked to do most which is playing instrument. She plays the baritone. I have no clue about music instrument not until she joined the school band.

 photo Practicing for All County_zpst8mdezyf.jpg
We see her how she takes care of her baritone by applying the valve oil to keep her instrument plays beautifully. She is learning responsibility which I admire her and makes me happy. If you happen to need any accessories for your kids music instrument, check out the Website for details.

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Our Christmas family photo for 2016

I am so glad that I was not working during Christmas. Hubby was scheduled to work but he takes a vacation which I am so happy. Both of us were around when the kids wake up on Christmas morning to open their gifts from Santa Claus.

 photo Christmas family photos 2016_zpsal02xnit.jpg
This is our Christmas family photo for the year 2016. I set the camera for ten seconds. I am so glad that our dogs were in the photo too. How about you? Do you have a family photo during Christmas morning too?

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