Our New Year’s Day celebration

our simple New Year's dinner

a messy girl on New Year's

Welcome 2012

A New Year's greetings for my family

I am very happy that my husband is here to celebrate New Year with us. Usually, he goes to work but lucky not this year. We celebrated New Year in the house. I cooked foods that are enough for my family. I was very scared that my little girl had her allergy. I do not know what food trigger her allergies. I panicked but glad that the medicines worked. The kids go to bed before mid-night so as their Daddy. He woke up just in time for the ball drop. I am happy that he is here celebrating New Year with his family. How about you? How your New Year did go? I am linking this to Memory Lane Monday.

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10 Responses to Our New Year’s Day celebration

  1. spiky says:

    visiting with a smile. 🙂

  2. spiky says:

    visiting with a smile.

  3. Shydub says:

    one complete happy family on new year, what more could you ask for. and you have prepared lots of foods yumm. Happy New year to you mommy jess and to your family

  4. Dhemz says:

    pagkadaghan man diay sa imong g handa mamiJess…naa pay salin salin diha kay mangayo ko…ehehhe!

    ka pretty sa imong dalaga….:)

  5. Lainy says:

    Nice that the happy put off work to celebrate New Year with your family, Jess. Lots of foodies on the table too.

    Happy New YEar, Jess and may you be more blessed!


  6. Lulu says:

    it was cool that the hubby/banana was off work to celebrate new year with ya’ll.


  7. michi says:

    when i was still working, i was in the office every new year’s eve. but now, i’m glad that i can celebrate my new year’s eve with my family because i’m a full time mom now. happy new year. thanks for dropping by!

  8. Lainy says:

    Should have been HUBBY, Jesss, LOL! Kindly edit and delete this if you may. Thanks.

  9. Mel Cole says:

    Sa Madison Square Garden nang Ball Drop ? Nindot kay daghang Fireworks 🙂 Thank you for joining Memory Lane Monday last week mommy jess. Hope you can join again today, theme is about Achievement. Wara2x sa ko ani imong website kay daghan na raba ko utang blog hop nimo. hehehe

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