Playing bingo at school

No! We did not spend any money for playing bingo at school. This is part of the book fair that the school had yesterday. The kids learn how to look for numbers. The announcer which is the teacher use multiplication to call for the numbers. They also have free cookies for the kids to munch while playing the bingo. The kids are happy that they both won the bingo.


My son won first and the sister follows later. The prices are inflatable animals, toys and shirts. I told them to pick for the shirts. I did not notice that the shirts are for grown-ups thought that they were for kids. I have a size medium for myself and a size large for my husband. It was fun playing bingo with the kids and the other families at the cafeteria. I am linking this entry to Happiness Is and Blue Monday.

Smiling Sally

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11 Responses to Playing bingo at school

  1. Happy Blue Monday 🙂
    Greetings from Australia?

  2. … oops, I forgot… the heart (< 3) turns into a question mark 😉

  3. Kim,USA says:

    I like playing bingo! ^_^


  4. Luna Miranda says:

    teaching numbers to kids through Bingo is interesting.:p i learned Bingo with my grandmother when i was in grade school.

  5. Sally says:

    Thanks for showing your two, new, blue shirts.

    Happy Blue Monday, Jessica.

  6. I’ve never tried playing bingo. It isn’t a popular game here.

  7. chubskulit says:

    How lucky they are! Congrats on the win sis.

    Blue Eggs, have a great week ahead!

  8. What a great win! It is always fun to learn and play together!

  9. I work in an activity center for the elderly and we have bingo twice a week. Bingo is very popular and the elders can win chocolates and it’s for free. They have fun playing bingo:)

  10. maiylah says:

    congratulations!!! i honestly have no idea how to play bingo, lol. but i see that this wasn’t really bingo at all… 🙂

    thanks for the visit, sis..
    sensya na sa late return visit.. 🙂

  11. Tetcha says:

    Playing bingo is a fun way for kids to learn Math, and it’s a nice bonding activity for families, too.

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