A beautiful THRILL SEEKER shirt from Warrior Poet Clothier

My son is growing up too fast. It seems like he is getting taller everyday as well. He is almost as tall as me. I am 5’4” and he is only ten (10) years old. I bought him clothing especially shirts last year. Most of those shirts are small on him if not they are too tight.

 photo warriorpoetclothierA.jpg

I am very fortunate that Warrior Poet Clothier sent me this thriller seeker shirt a size M for my son. I picked this shirt that has a helicopter on the front. My son loves helicopter or any machine. I think the shirt is perfect on him. It has printed bold words THRILLER SEEKER on the front which makes the design perfect for a boy. The shirt is so soft. It is made of 100% combed cotton. You can wash it in cold water, tumble dry low, do not use bleach and does not need iron. My son likes his new shirt as well. It fits perfectly on him.

 photo warriotpoetclothier.jpg

Are you looking for shirt for your little warriors? Why not check out this Website? They ship the shirt very fast too. The shirt is wrap carefully which I love. By the way, Warrior Poet Clothier is very generous to all my readers and if you use BL-Jessy you get 50% off of any order. How cool is that? It saves you a lot of money, and you will love the shirts as well.

 photo WarriorpoetclothierB.jpg

You can also liked their Facebook. You can follow them on Twitter. You can check their Google plus page too. Anywhere you check for shirts for your little warriors, you can find updates, promotions to any of those friendly Websites

I want to say thank you to Warrior Poet Clothier for sending my son this cool shirt. We both liked it.

I was given the shirt for free but am not compensated. All my thoughts and opinions are 100% mine and may different from others.

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33 Responses to A beautiful THRILL SEEKER shirt from Warrior Poet Clothier

  1. Joy H says:

    I love their selection of shirts as well. They’re really fun to wear and my son loved it too!

  2. mhie@smarlk says:

    Same here, sis, my daughter grow up too fast, most her clothes are wear for one season and I have to buy for next year. 😉

  3. betchai says:

    5’4″ at 10, that is indeed very tall, maybe by now, you are the one who makes use of the shirts that become too small for him 🙂

  4. t-shirt’s design is perfect for that age. OH 5’4 at 10??? he’s tall – pang PBA ang height

  5. Makoy says:

    The shirt looks nice on him and I like the design. Thanks for sharing your discount code!

  6. jheylo says:

    That is nice shirt and you handsome son wear it so cool. I have to check their website out too. Pagkataas man diay ni kuya K nimo mami jess.

  7. Kulasa says:

    your son is gorgeous! he will make many girls fall inlove 🙂 love the shirt! cool for his age! showing this to my ten year old, I bet he will want one too!

  8. April says:

    Warrior Poet makes great Tees. My son has been an loves their shirts.

  9. papaleng says:

    Wow! type ko ang color and the design.. Wish someone gifted me this one.

  10. Rcel says:

    That is a nice shirt, Momi Jess! Perfectly fits Kuya K and he looks good on it! Yay, you are certainly growing an NBA-player for his height! Does he loves basketball?

    I’ll see if the shirts from this site are affordable for me. I am still looking for a Father’s Day gift for my man; I might be able to find one from them! 😀

  11. Franc Ramon says:

    I like the design of the shirt. It looks so cool.

  12. jennyL says:

    Your son is pogi ha and wow he is tall for his age.. mataas pa sa akin nearly 5′ lang ako lol.. Cotton made shirts are nice as they are soft and comfy for anyone.

  13. jane says:

    lovely shirt! looks good on him even the the colour! love how its looks like trashy effect like a great warrior indeed!

  14. sef tiburcio says:

    your son is too big for his age but re the freebie, its always a good blessing.

  15. The shirt is perfect wear for your son. It is cool.

  16. Adin B says:

    Good looking young man! I love Warrior Poet Clothier’s shirts so much. I am waiting for the shirt for my boy. Made from awesome materials too. 🙂 He looks good in his shirt. 🙂

  17. working mama says:

    that’s perfect for him.. my son will surely love to have this

  18. Jonathan Diesta says:

    What a beautiful shirt to give for Fathers Day. I want to buy that one.

  19. Arlene says:

    it’s really a boy shirt! and it also looks like a good quality brand.

  20. Wanderer Juan says:

    The shirt design looks good on your ten year old son. Great find!

  21. Quimz says:

    You’re son is so tall for his age huh. 🙂 The shirt looks good on him, will check out their page now! 🙂

  22. Jam says:

    is it the shirt or is just your son that makes the shirt really good? 🙂 handsome kid!

  23. Cheerful says:

    that suits him well, and i am sure he loves it, too! my boy who’s also 10 will love this. 🙂

  24. Nice shirt and it suits your son. Looks really good!

  25. PrettyKat says:

    wow! almost 5’4 na? tapos 10 years old lang…. now, at his age, he certainly tall, white and handsome…haguy and chicks… magka darapa.. hehe

  26. Jadey Sam says:

    What a cool shirt and your kid is a cutie at ang tangkad pa :)!!

  27. Hyanne says:

    That’s a very cool shirt, love the color and the design! It looks good and perfect to your son! 🙂

  28. Marie Michel says:

    I love that shade of blue! Guapo sis hihi, shempre ganda din si bunso and yes, time flies by so fast…ambilis lumaki…

  29. ralph says:

    wow, you should be proud his getting taller… but with that, so as his clothes… haha… it may cost but for them, okay lang. Yahweh bless.

  30. Looks like lots of going on there on the shirt. But looks boyish, though.

  31. g-boy says:

    very nice shirt! so cool & trendy..

  32. marie says:

    Wow mommy jess. apsan naka n kuya K. time fly fast just like my C. hes getting big too. Well I like this shirt warrior shirt nice for kids.

  33. Lainy says:

    Cool Tee, Mommy. And your handsome boy is growing up so quick! Heartthrob! 😉

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