Canvas is your best way to protect that precious photographs

It was last year during the fall that our son finally received his first communion. We are so very proud of our son for receiving his first communion. He looks so handsome with his suit and tie outfit. Grandma and Grandpa also witnessed that special event for our son. They were also proud of their grandson. I took many pictures of that day to make sure that we captured his first communion.

 photo canvas.jpg

All the pictures I took on that special event of my son’s life is still in my digital camera. I also downloaded the pictures in my computer. I also save the pictures in the disk to have a copy. I do not know how many pictures I took. My kids are growing up too fast and that I have to make sure that I captured precious moments in my digital camera.

 photo canvasC.jpg

I am very fortunate that this generous company Canvas Press let me try one of their beautiful canvas prints. It took me awhile to find a perfect picture for this project. I picked my son’s first communion pictures with his younger sister. It turned out so beautifully. What amazed me is that? They ship your products faster. You can receive your products in no time. I am very impressed with how they wrapped your photo. They wrapped your photo on canvas carefully to reach in your hands safely. When you open the package, you can grab your canvas safely and not even ruining anything inside.

 photo canvasB.jpg

I am very happy with my picture. You can also see my kids excited about their picture. I display it in our living room. You will notice it right away when you enter the living room. I am very happy with my decision to do a canvas picture of my son’s first communion. We will always cherish the memories we had on his first communion.

 photo canvasA.jpg

How about you? Are you planning of giving a gift to somebody? Are you planning of protecting that precious picture? Why not try their canvas? You will absolutely love their work. By the way, are you on Facebook? You can liked their Facebook page to receive updates. You can also follow them in Twitter. I already followed them so I will not miss any updates and promotions from this beautiful company.

 photo canvasD.jpg

I received the product for free but am not compensated. All my thoughts and opinions are 100% mine and may different from others.

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28 Responses to Canvas is your best way to protect that precious photographs

  1. Saving your precious memories via canvas press. Nice idea! Thanks for sharing

  2. ValeviL says:

    Cool! Thank you for your opinion about! πŸ˜€

  3. Juliana RW says:

    Canvas is worth for precious memories but it is expensive :((

  4. Mai says:

    they have impressive packaging, indeed. The Canvas Print looks good with all the other photos. And your kids are beautiful!

  5. jheylo says:

    I sure can see their happy faces and satisfaction with their new photo canvas πŸ˜€ so sweet. I love their packaging too.

  6. Kulasa says:

    What a cool way to preserve memories! I remember so many of our childhood photos being burned by the recent flood πŸ™ On a lighter note I just love the smile of your son and daughter modelling their photo! I bet they were so thrilled seeing it on print and hanging on display! Have a blessed weekend with your precious ones! πŸ™‚

  7. Mel Cole says:

    wow! what a lovely photograph of your two adorable kids mommy jess. I love canvas photos too. they are trendy and unique.

  8. That’s a beautiful canvas print of your lovely darling sis. They agreed for me to review their product but not sure what happen, mafollow up nga hehehe..

  9. Jadey Sam says:

    I love Canvass Press! Their customer service is amazing!

  10. jheylo says:

    You pick the best picture for your canvas photo mami jess. I love it and look at them they sure are happy to show off their pictures πŸ˜€

  11. Mel Cole says:

    one of these I want some photos printed on a canvas too πŸ˜€

  12. jheylo says:

    This would be a perfect gift for our love one too. I will see if I can pitch and print a photo of my parents.

  13. It’s nice that canvas companies are giving us a chance to try their products.

  14. Now I am thinking of printing selected photos and put it in a canvass πŸ™‚ Canvass Press is a good rec, thanks for sharing this πŸ™‚

  15. Canvas photos are good idea on how you can preserve all the precious moments of your life. Your kids will never forget those event in their lives. By the way, your kids look good on that canvas.

  16. Franc Ramon says:

    Some pictures are just priceless so protecting them with canvass can help preserve the memory.

  17. SheyLuvz says:

    ka sweet sa imung mga gagmayng binuhat mami jess. i like how they get along and even pose for you holding that photo. You picked a good portrait for the canvass. i actually pitched for this company pero wala pko human hatag sa ila required info.

  18. papaleng says:

    Secong ‘Canvas print’ post that I have visited. Nice talaga to preserved pictures on canvas frame. I wonder okay din ba to put your diploma certificate sa canvas?

  19. Never heard before about the canvas photo, But it’s good to know that you can preserve photos through this.

  20. Gven-Rose says:

    beautiful canvass, i wish i can have our photos turn in to a canvass, they have superb packaging

  21. Marie says:

    I’m a big fan of canvasses! The photo of your precious ones is just lovely! πŸ˜‰

  22. I have only used ArtsCow in all my years of canvas photo ordering. I should check this out soon. =)

  23. Rcel says:

    That is a beautiful shot, Momi Jess! Perfect enough to be preserved for eternity! I couldn’t have chosen any other pose if I were you. I love Canvas Press, too! I still have to do my review, argh!

  24. April says:

    that is a great photo of them, just perfect to be displayed on canvas.

  25. You got the perfect medium to preserve the picture of your son’s first communion. Canvas Press did it well. Nice review and recommendation.

    My pictures are not preserved. I just place them in an ordinary album. Some of these are featured in T.R.U.T.H.

  26. lencilicious says:

    Such a memorable day. It is great that you printed one of the photos in canvas. I know it’s going to last for years and even forever.

  27. Lulu says:

    This is really precious. I love the canvas.

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