Playing in the rain

We seldom get rain here in Western New York. This year we had a lot of rain which is the greatest thing. It broke the record from last year. I like it when it is raining. It keeps the grass grow and the flowers too. I bet the farmers are happy with their crops too.

 photo itispouringrain.jpg

There are times that when it is pouring hard, it scares me. The water from the ditch will overflow. It will make our backyard look likes a river. I get scared especially when my husband is working. It happened the last month. Our year never had a flood like this. It was scary indeed.

 photo playingintherain.jpg

Anyway, my kids are watching while it is raining from the inside our house. The rain starts to fill-up our pond and especially or pool. There is no doubt that this year is low not like last year. My kids play in the rain. It reminds me of my childhood. I used to take a shower in the rain with my cousins. My little girl found her umbrella and used it. The big brother just wants to get soak and ride his bike.

 photo playingintherainA.jpg

I am glad that they not get sick after playing in the rain. I remember my Aunt will let me drink warm water with salt to help me from not getting sick.

I am linking this entry to the 26th day of blog photo challenge.

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2 Responses to Playing in the rain

  1. Raya says:

    I so miss playing in the rain!! Ka cute sa little miss with a pink umbrella.. great photos, sis J and thanks for joining bpc.

  2. Rcel says:

    I love playing in the rain! However, I think we have only played in the rain once ni Triz. Tugnaw man gud dayon after the rain ba kay mo-baba ang temperature. Not like sa Pinas nga always init bisan pa ulan. Looks like the two Ks had a great time under the rain!

    BPC hop!

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