Sipping lemonade with glass straw

It was very warm that day that the kids swim in the pool to cool off. They both are sweaty from playing. I am glad that we have a pool where they can cool off when it is very warm in the summer. I also made lemonade for them. It is a perfect drink to quench their thirst too. They can sip the lemonade when taking a break after swimming in the pool.

glass straw

I prepare the pitcher and use a cup of lemonade. I add purified water from the gallon. I also add some ice cubes and mix the water and the lemonade. I also add a bit of sugar. The best part of drinking the lemonade is using the glass straw.

would you like a glass of lemonade?

I am very fortunate that glass dharma sent me four glass straws to try. It also comes with a brush. There are different sizes and different styles. You can use it with smoothies, iced tea and other drink. I received a small and big straw that has dots on them. I also received one straw that bends. It is my favorite style. I also received a regular glass straw. They are all cute glass straws. We are sipping the lemonade with style. My kids were amaze of their new glass straws.

sipping with glass straw is so easy

I really like using the glass straw than the plastic straws. This is very easy to clean. All you do is water, soap and the brush. You can also put these glass straws in the dishwasher. I like using the glass straws than plastic straws because it saves the earth and reduce your garbage. It comes with a lifetime guarantee as well.

this glass straw is cool

You should try the glass straw too. You can find them on Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and Pinterest. You will never miss an update when you follow them. I already followed all their social Medias. Glass dharma is so generous that they are giving a $25.00 gift certificate gift code to use to purchase the glass straws. It is very easy to join.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

The giveaway is open for US residents only. I wish everyone good luck.

I received the products for free but am not compensated. All my thoughts and opinions are 100% honestly mine and may different from others.

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22 Responses to Sipping lemonade with glass straw

  1. betchai says:

    those glass straws are very stylish, and your lemonade looks so refreshing.

  2. kulasa says:

    I would love to have a sip of lemonade using a glass straw too! they look handy, durable and stylish indeed and helps us save mother nature through eliminating the need for plastic ones…have a fabulous day with your family! 🙂

  3. jheylo says:

    Yahooo! I love those glass straw, it looks really nice and i love that it is an eco-friendly products. That straw is perfect for refreshing lemonade 🙂

  4. Cher says:

    wow, first time to see a glass straw! way too cool…

  5. jane says:

    this is a must try indeed looks stylish too! i love lemonade! whenever the grocery makes all the packed lemons or calmansi on sale for 50RM i just grabbed a whole lot !

  6. Aren’t they cool? My kids love ours too!

  7. mhie@smarlk says:

    I like the glass straw ideas.Whoever wins I’m sure he will enjoy it.

  8. papaleng says:

    Though I hate sipping, those ‘maasim’ na drinks, still preparing a glass of lemonade or whatever cann start a nice day. Sis, ang cute ng straw, nice to use it sipping iced-cold Coke.

  9. Rcel says:

    I have been so looking forward to trying these kinds of straws because they sound to be a really good product. I am a smoothie junkie and I wish I have a reusable straw in order for me to save on buying new ones every time.

    The K’s definitely had a blast swimming and beating the summer heat, Momi Jess! What a perfect scene captured!

  10. Rcel says:

    Momi Jess, I have been using plastic straw and the truth is, I get to spend a lot more on it since they couldn’t be reuse. Thus, I want to have the glass straws so that I can be more economical with my smoothie props.

  11. Cacai Mrf says:

    That sure refreshing looking at your pool Momi Jess especially that you and your kiddos are there sipping that lemonade. I love lemonade both that color and the pink one!

    Ga-pitch bya ko ani’ng darna, I mean darma diay.. heheh.. but wla ko gibali-bali.. tseeeh nalang.. heheh.. joke.. 😀 Hopefully, mo-okay ra og akong panguyaban usab. kuk! 😀

  12. My sister also loves their glass straw as well. It’s good that there’s such kind of straw to be use which can save our Mother Earth.

  13. Parang everyday in your home is a party sis coz you have a pool!~

  14. Ane says:

    Oh, cool that it comes with its own brush so that you can clean it very well. 🙂

  15. Tingting R. says:

    I never thought that somebody will invent this kind of straw. To be honest, I am happy. I have been using the same plastic straw for our smoothies. Cleaning it is a nightmare.

  16. nice straw.. would love to try it out.. using the glass straw makes drinking cold drinks more refreshing 🙂

  17. drinking from a glass straw would make cold drinks more refreshing 🙂

  18. Shela says:

    Everything about glasswears i am crazy about. I love collecting them for my china. Kiddos look like they’re having so much fun!

  19. Bless says:

    I forgot I have my gift card that I won to get me this glass straws 🙂 I have to use it so I can try using this straw. Looks cool.

  20. zoan says:

    ngayon ko lang narinig yang glass straw and I don’t even know if they have it here in the Philippines 🙂

  21. Nova S says:

    I think the glass is better than straw, you can steam or boiled it to disinfect. And cheaper too.

  22. Mel Cole says:

    would love to try the glass straw too. 🙂

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