Spent the best summer with my kids at Darien Lake Theme Park Resort

My kids had the best time this summer. We went to Darien Lake Theme Park Resort. It is not far from where we live. It is very easy to drive to get there.

The park was open at 11 that day. You need to be there early to have the fun at the theme park.  There are three lines open to pay for the entrance fee.  The parking lot is wide and is easy access for vehicles to park. There are more lines open to show your ticket to the entrance of the park.

My daughter’s classmate went with us. Hook’s Lagoon is our first destination.

It is a swimming pool with pirate boat, water fountain and other fun places to explore. The lifeguards are all over. You can protect your belongings by renting a locker for safety or leave it by the chair.

We went to the wave pool. It is a big swimming pool but the waves make it even fun for everybody.

We went to Lazy River where my kids used a life saver and float. My kids keep on going back to the wave pool.

We stop for lunch. There are many places to eat where family can relaxes and enjoy their food.

My kids ride the carousel.

We took a moment to take photos at the boardwalk.

There are many benches to sit to relax when your legs are tired.

There is also a souvenir place where I bought some postcards. You can buy anything you like to bring back your fun times at Darien Lake Theme Park resort. There is also a camping ground where you can go camping. There is also concert at night and enjoy the music. They went to a car bumping ride, Pirate.

We just took a picture in-front of the Viper as they are a little bit scared to ride, maybe next time.

I went with them to the giant ferries wheel. I am scared of heights and was terrified but the view from above is beautiful. My kids and a friend had a wonderful time. We cannot wait to visit Darien Lake Theme Park resort this summer.

I highly recommend Darien Lake Theme Resort park to everybody. There is special things to do for everybody. You will have a blast. For a ticket price below $50 each and unlimited rides, it is an adventure that will last for a lifetime.

Please check out their Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and You Tube for promotions.


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