Spent the best summer with my kids at Darien Lake Theme Park Resort

My kids had the best time this summer. We went to Darien Lake Theme Park Resort. It is not far from where we live. It is very easy to drive to get there.

The park was open at 11 that day. You need to be there early to have the fun at the theme park.  There are three lines open to pay for the entrance fee.  The parking lot is wide and is easy access for vehicles to park. There are more lines open to show your ticket to the entrance of the park.

My daughter’s classmate went with us. Hook’s Lagoon is our first destination.

It is a swimming pool with pirate boat, water fountain and other fun places to explore. The lifeguards are all over. You can protect your belongings by renting a locker for safety or leave it by the chair.

We went to the wave pool. It is a big swimming pool but the waves make it even fun for everybody.

We went to Lazy River where my kids used a life saver and float. My kids keep on going back to the wave pool.

We stop for lunch. There are many places to eat where family can relaxes and enjoy their food.

My kids ride the carousel.

We took a moment to take photos at the boardwalk.

There are many benches to sit to relax when your legs are tired.

There is also a souvenir place where I bought some postcards. You can buy anything you like to bring back your fun times at Darien Lake Theme Park resort. There is also a camping ground where you can go camping. There is also concert at night and enjoy the music. They went to a car bumping ride, Pirate.

We just took a picture in-front of the Viper as they are a little bit scared to ride, maybe next time.

I went with them to the giant ferries wheel. I am scared of heights and was terrified but the view from above is beautiful. My kids and a friend had a wonderful time. We cannot wait to visit Darien Lake Theme Park resort this summer.

I highly recommend Darien Lake Theme Resort park to everybody. There is special things to do for everybody. You will have a blast. For a ticket price below $50 each and unlimited rides, it is an adventure that will last for a lifetime.

Please check out their Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and You Tube for promotions.


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How we celebrated our Mother’s Day

I was off from work but my husband is working on Mother’s Day. I wanted to bring the kids to church but they are giving me a hard time. I went to church by myself. I told them to clean the house while hear a mass.

 photo Mothers Day_zpskwwmviw3.jpg
I told them that when I get home from the church, we will leave and visit their Grandma. My son has a classmate that spent the night with us. I told him to call his sister to pick him up. I cannot bring him to my in-laws house as she is not feeling well.

 photo Mothers Day A_zpsiy698ao9.jpg
 photo Mothers Day B_zpsazeigem0.jpg
We did not stay longer as we have not eating our lunch yet. I am planning to take them to the Chinese buffer but unfortunately I forget to bring my wallet with me. We had a wonderful time visiting their Grandma. She is not as healthy as she is used too. This is the reason that we visited her instead of them visiting us. We gave her flowers and a card. She was happy with our short visit.

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Three Wellness Techniques You Should Try In 2017

There are numerous wellness techniques you can deploy to make 2017 the healthiest year of your life. Three of them include:

1. Take Care Of Your Teeth.

Taking care of your teeth is a wonderful way to optimize your level of wellness. In addition to giving you more confidence by enhancing the aesthetic appeal of your teeth, practicing good dental hygiene decreases your susceptibility to unwanted conditions like gingivitis. Some of the basic strategies you’ll want to implement to keep your teeth in good condition include flossing and brushing twice daily. Also be sure to schedule your annual appointment to ensure that you can have your teeth examined by a professional. If you find that you’re in need of an emergency dental Charlotte NC company, know that the professionals of Charlotte Dental Partners can assist you!

 photo banner-01_zpsdaogff6d.jpg
2. Meditate Regularly.

If you’re serious about optimizing your level of wellness in 2017, get serious about meditation. Meditation is valuable for numerous reasons, one of which is that it is known to decrease stress levels. Also note that meditation boosts immunity, promotes better sleep, and enhances the functioning of the respiratory system. To ensure that you find the ideal massage therapist, make sure that you do some internet research to determine the level of satisfaction experienced by former clients. You can use online reviews to realize this objective.

3. Optimize Your Eating Habits.

One final wellness technique you should definitely implement is optimizing your eating habits. This approach is empowering because eating nutrient-dense foods ensures that your body will have the energy necessary to complete the regulatory processes necessary to keep you alive and thriving. Also note that eating the right foods will provide you with a wide range of beauty benefits. For example, carrots are known to decrease redness of the skin. Also, broccoli comes loaded with vitamin C, thereby improving the circulation of blood throughout the body. This factor can contribute to clearer, more youthful-looking skin. Finally note that kidney beans come packed with biotin, zinc, iron, and protein. Each of these kidney bean components contribute to the production of stronger, longer hair.

Start Optimizing Your Level Of Wellness Today!

Individuals who want to enhance their level of wellness should know that there are many ways that they can realize the objective. Three of them include taking care of your teeth, meditating regularly, and optimizing your eating habits. Start making these behavioral changes now so you can experience an exponential increase in terms of mental and physical well-being!

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